Work Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) and Work Compensation Board (WCB)


Coverage under one of these regulatory agency is mandatory.

 Ex. In Ontario when you hire a domestic help to work more than 24 hours per week as a caregiver (employee/contractor) is mandatory to register as employer with WSIB and to report and pay the WSIB rate.

Ex. In Alberta when you hire a home support you have to register as a employer no matter how many hours your caregiver is working for you. And you have to report and pay the WCB rate


The above are just 2 examples. We will discuss your case with you in detail to see what laws and regulations are applicable in your particular situation.


We can do all the process on your behalf as an employer (initial registration, periodic reporting, remittance of the funds and representing the employer in the relation with WSIB)


Our fee is CAD 10/month


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